What We Offer

In the era of connected devices and applications generating massive amount of Zettabytes of data, we offer you the niche analytics capabilities to Track and Analyze your devices and Applications to truly unleash the Power of your Applications and Devices.

Data Analytics

Human understable Insights of Personal Car, Fleet, Home IOT devices and Social applications.

Digital & Marketing Leads

Channelizing Digital adevrtisements to the connected Devices.

Social App Insights

Helping personal safty and security through various social Applications

Nurturing Technology

Enabling Future Generation Technologies

Our Products

State of the Art products working in the areas of Man Mchine interface with niche Analytics.

KL Track and Analyze : SP (Smart Parking)

Track/Locate Parking Inventory Smartly and Collaborate with Various Owners.

KL Track and Analyze : DFP (Digital Footprint - Insights)

Smartly Track Social Media assisted Digital footprint and Open Web Summary using 'The Web of People & Things'.

KL Track and Analyze : SCM(Supply Chain Management)

Supply Chain Tracking Mobility Solution with Provision to Detect Counterfeit + Loyalty Analytics Led Solution.

KL Track and Analyze : CCN(Car Cloud Network)

Connected Cars and Automobile Health Diagnostics Solution for preventive diagnostic and Personal safety and security